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Over the years, various musical genres have created a demand for certain types of guitars, but the hollow body guitar stands out for its unique sound that runs through the jazz, blues, and rock genres. With its charming acoustic tone, the hollow body guitar has charmed many famous musicians who have succeeded in crafting timeless hits around its magic.

In this blog post, we will explore 5 musical icons known for playing the hollow-body guitar. From jazz legends to iconic rockers, these virtuosos have created phenomenal music that stands the test of time, thanks to the hollow body guitar’s warm, unique sound.

1. B.B. King – Gibson ES-355

B.B. King, the legendary American blues guitarist known for his iconic style, is most notably linked with the Gibson ES-355 hollow-body guitar that complemented his playing style perfectly. He was renowned for his ability to evoke raw emotion and soulful sounds from his guitar, and his choice of a hollow-body guitar proved to be a perfect match. The Gibson ES-355, with its extended range of neck pickups, allowed him to achieve his signature sound that was unique to him.

2. George Benson – Gibson L-5

George Benson’s preferred guitar is the Gibson L-5 hollow-body. As a hollow-body guitar, it produces a uniquely warm, rich tone perfect for Benson’s playing style. He once stated that he loves the guitar because it has a unique presence and fullness that other types of guitars cannot replicate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Benson has used the Gibson L-5 on some of his most popular tracks, such as “This Masquerade” and “Breezin’.”

3. Chuck Berry – Gibson ES-350T

Chuck Berry’s signature style of playing, which he called the “duck walk,” required a lightweight and versatile guitar. Gibson’s ES-350T fit the bill perfectly, with its hollow body, rounded tone, and ability to be played acoustically and amped up for electrified performances. Berry’s use of the guitar and his sharp songwriting skills helped shape the sound of rock and roll as we know it today.

4. Chet Atkins -Gretsch 6120

The Gretsch 6120 is often associated with Chet Atkins and has become a highly sought-after guitar model for many modern musicians. The hollow body construction of the Gretsch 6120 produces a warm, rich tone that is well-suited for country music. Atkins was a master of this sound and used it to great effect in his recordings and live performances. His legacy continues to inspire aspiring musicians to pick up a hollow-body guitar and explore the unique sound it can produce.

5. Brian Setzer – Gretsch G6120

Brian Setzer is widely regarded as one of the foremost rockabilly guitarists of all time, having made a name for himself as the frontman of the Stray Cats, among other bands. Setzer’s preference for the Gretsch G6120 hollow-body guitar is well-known among music enthusiasts and has helped to popularise this iconic instrument. With its distinct look and sound, Setzer’s Gretsch G6120 embodies the essence of classic rockabilly music, which is characterised by intricate, high-energy guitar work and a driving beat.

In conclusion, hollow-body guitars have been a beloved instrument for many famous musicians over the years. From the vintage sound it produces to the feel of the instrument in their hands, these artists have found a special connection with their hollow-body guitars. With so many different genres of music incorporating this style of guitar into their sound, it’s clear that the hollow-body guitar will remain a staple in the music industry for years to come.

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