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The essence of a true artist, rests in the voice of their music, and 608Trayce uses his to speak the truth on life’s experiences.

Residing in Madison Wisconsin, rising rapper 608Trayce has built a cult following by means of his dedicated grind and distinctive way of combing rhymes to create an unparalleled sound and flow. He’s been a staple in the Wisconsin rap scene and branching out his reach on an international basis. With the release of his new album, “DEEP IN IT” this is sure to solidify his abilities as an artist and clear the path to success in his musical career.

The album is more than just beats and lyrics. It was put together from a place of purpose, an expression from within those that created the masterpiece. DEEP IN IT was recorded, mixed, mastered and entirely produced by 608Trayce and Brazen P within the booth where all the magic happens; the 9th floor on the capital square in Madison, WI. Being a devout skater as well, 608Trayce would have a friendship with Geoff Kopski, the owner of Freedom Skate Shop on State St. This would be the spark that greenlit the project between the two talents 608Trayce and Brazen P. Kopski’s constant mention of the concept of 608Trayce and Brazen P joining forces on a project led to the inception of DEEP IN IT. The two, even though barely having knowledge of each other at the time, had one noticeable thing in common: their connection with skating. 608Trayce took Kopski up on his advice and invited Brazen P to the studio, and it was like divine intervention. Unknowingly, the two were more alike than they knew. Both were emerging from dark places in their lives and needed an outlet to express themselves, and that outlet became DEEP IN IT.

With the captivating beats made by Brazen P on an old Korg SX-ESX1 drum machine, the two decided to use it as the foundation of the project as a way to create cohesion in the sound. It played a pivotal role in the project’s completion, as every song’s sequence was created within it then recorded into Pro Tools. The end result? A project that delivers hit after hit, painting vivid stories through the eyes of 608Trayce’s experiences and passion while keeping it real and meaningful. The project not only showcases a classic album by 608Trayce and Brazen P, but boasts features from some of Wisconsin’s most talented artists.

DEEP IN IT, is a project 608Trayce’s close friend, Bilial would be proud of. Bilial was like a brother to Trayce, but went missing in August, 2011. His disappearance remains a mystery, but he’s always with Trayce, and Trayce continues to honor his legacy, even within this album. 608Trayce is an artist with a story and expresses them through his voice.

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