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6ix9ine is back at it.

The controversial rapper was in attendance as Mexico took on Puerto Rico during the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals in Miami on Friday, but not everyone was happy to see him.

At one point, the “Trollz” rapper got up from his seat and started waving the Mexican flag, prompting a Puerto Rican fan to throw a beer can in his direction, narrowly missing his head.

Other fans got up and gave him the middle finger. But he kept taunting them by waving the flag. A police officer eventually confronted him and told him to get down before he stopped.

“6ix9ine is in the building and waving a Mexico flag,” tweeted Aram Leighton, who shared footage of the incident. “A Puerto Rico fan wasn’t having it and threw a beer can right by his head.”

Mexico ended victorious with a 5-4 win.

6ix9ine is well known for his antagonizing ways. In January, he flaunted one million dollars in cash while sharing his location with his millions of Instagram followers. “On my way to New York. I got a million dollars on me and on my mother I’m by myself,” he said.

He remains a polarizing figure. Earlier this month, Joyner Lucas dropped his single “Devil’s Work Part 2” on which he blasted Tekashi for snitching on his fellow gang members, saying he deserves to be in jail.

“Go back to the day that he took the stand and confessed, right? / Tape his mouth shut so he never talk to the feds like,” raps Lucas. “Make him do his time so his ni**as gotta do less, right? / Make him learn from Bobby [Shmurda] so he can know what respect like.”

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