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Our award-winning website receives thousands of visitors every month from USA and other countries. We offer Sponsored Stories to help you tell your story and display ad placements for any length customized to your needs.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored stories are our newest and most engaging form of advertising. You have a story to tell – AllRapNews will work with you to craft a feature that highlights the impact of your business on the world. We will write an article about you or your business to present it in most favorable light.


Format Rates and Add Ons
Q&A $300
Long-form – Up to 1000 words $500
Long-form – Up to 2000 words $700
Extra E-newsletter add-on Additional $150

Sponsored story standard packages include placement in Articles (, 1 boosted post on Facebook (, 1 organic Twitter post (, and 1-month long placement of a link to the article on`s homepage.

Display  Advertising

Choose from highly visible display ad spaces on the All Rap News website. In all placements your ad may rotate with other advertisers. All display ads are static; in other words, ads rotate when a user refreshes their browser or visits a different page on our site.

Display Ad Sizes And Prices*

*Ad Graphic Design service is available for additional $200

All Rap News advertise

Medium Rectangle (300×250) –  $100/week or $300/month

Half Page (300×600) – $250/week or $800/month

Leaderboard (728×90) – $150/week or $400/month

Mobile Leaderboard (320 x 50) – $150/week or $400/month

Wide Skyscraper (160×600) – $170/week or $450/month

Billboard (970×250) – $400/week or $1000/month

Link insertion – $50

You provide a unique, well written article that fits our niche (rap music, hip-hop, urban). Up to 3 Do-Follow links can be included. Permanent post, instantly indexed by Google. Featured in

Prohibited Ad Content: adult & online casinos. Everything else (CBD, Crypto, etc) is typically acceptable, but requires pre-approval by our Ad Department.



CashApp: $AllRapNews

Article/ad post turnaround: 48 hours after receipt of the payment.


Invoice can be requested by reaching out to

Got Questions?

With all questions regarding ad rates and other details please email

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