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Very rarely is it possible to sum up and encapsulate the exponential rise of icons in a single sentence. But here is an enigma shaping and changing the way that hip-hop is made! His name is Aldamar and he is the finest export from the Middle East region/kingdom of Bahrain! The leader of new school artists in the middle east Aldamar is repping the Arab World and taking the international community by storm! He grew up with an acute affinity for music and over the years the imprint was embellished by legends and pioneers of hip-hop! Never before has the world seen a hip-hop artist this determined to succeed and remain true to himself!

There is a slow death that hip hop has been dying for a long time. It has needed a new king to rise up from the ashes to revive its true spirit! Aldamar has picked up the mantle and revived hip-hop and all that it entails. He is an upbeat, groovy, and funky rapper. Dropping the sickest most captivating sound/lyrics with charisma and joy that are sure to capture the hearts of so many people. Lovers of true hip-hop will experience the core values of the art form through Aldamar’s debut project. A son of the West Coast at heart we are witnessing a rare event as Aldamar will become the first artist from the Middle East across all genres to break the stereotypes and change the status quo of the industry! He just announced the release of his debut album “GFUNK Middle East.”

Aldamar shows off his groovy and funky sounds in a riveting display that will rival the highest level achievable in hip-hop since Dr. Dre’s G-funk album “The Chronic.” There is no doubt that Aldamar will be the first English hip-hop artist from the Middle East to hit the mainstream!!!! He is unstoppable and unrivaled!! Watch as the superstar rises to the top! Right where he belongs. “GFUNK Middle East” drops on the 2nd of July 2023, don’t miss out.


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