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Alabama record artist who has so much heart Alexia Jayy stars as a desperate romantic in the search for a perfect music video for her smash track “I Need A Man.”

The follow-up track to the hit tracks “Who Raised You” and “It Ain’t Easy” is an Abraham Poythress-produced love track that adores the southern gentleman. Alexia Jayy is wooed by an incredible lover who appeals to all of the artist’s coveted demands. The catchy lyrics and soulful voice encourages the manifestation of.

“This record is about manifesting the perfect man,” said Alexia about the concept of the video. “Making kings understand that they are needed and helping couples realize that they have a good one on their side.”

“I Need A Man” enjoyed a fantastic summer and attracted over a million people on TikTok. The brand new video can be a great jumping-off point to the Alexia Jayy bandwagon, where you can continue following her adventures via Instagram and other social platforms.

“I Need A Man” was co-written by the gifted James “Jay Lyriq” Cohen.

Check out the latest video here and stream it here..