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B Barber is a Lyricist, Producer, Net label owner and product of the Hip Hop culture that originates from the mid 80’s where he began to embrace his love for Hip Hop and explore his talents as an Artist. Beginning his journey as a teen with Zakia Records, B Barber (formally know n as Bolaji) brought us early commercially released Hip Hop classics like “Massive Material” and “Run 4 Cover”.

Throughout the years he has collaborated with multiple groups and artists on Mixtapes & live performances with many talented artists that have left a legacy of great contributions to the culture.

Continuing to share his love for this genre of music, B Barber has established an Independent Net Label, Integrated Music Group LLC and enlisted in specialists in areas of product delivery to produce quality releases embodying “Dope” New Boom Bap music to add to our playlists. Learn more by visiting the any or all of the associated links listed below.

This song collaboration between B Barber & Castle Money Beats is a Hip Hop release targeting the listening audience that has been longing for a new song that incorporates all of the cultural elements that made Hip Hop / Rap so memorable & enjoyable. This song contains Boom Bap Castle Money Beats , Dope B Barber Lyrics and creative turntable scratch skills provided by DJ Tone Spliff. A definite must add to every Hip Hop head “DOPE” playlist.

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