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Bryanne Toney, known in the rap community as B.T. (The Artist), came from humble beginnings in Dorchester, MA. With a background and education in Psychology, he takes the baton from inspirational figures such as QTip, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Tom Brady, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, in an attempt to spread positivity in a time where music often idolizes the negatives of the culture.

B.T. has the heart of a true activist, not only by words, but by actions. His music is drenched with substance orchestrated over potent lyrics and melodic flows. His intentions lie in motivating those of his community, and in extension the world, with his awe inspiring depth of lyricism and music. His latest release “Streets Activist” is at the forefront of his movement for change with an intro spoken by the legend and renowned activist Tupac Shakur himself.

This sets the stage for the onslaught of lyrical flex and storytelling over a melodic beat that B.T. brings for the remainder of the track. B.T. is an artist for the people, collaborating with Boston founded non-profit organization The BASE, to use the power of baseball and athletics to guide youths down a better path.

As his accolades continue to stack, from performing at the state house for Governor Charlie Baker opening the National Baseball Tournament in 2018, to releasing the iconic “Streets Activist” track, B.T. is sure to be a leader that will inspire a movement like all the greats before him. To follow B.T. (The Artist) and keep up to date with his music projects and activism, check out his website:

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