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In a recent Instagram Live stream, Benny The Butcher suggested that Griselda Records deserves more credit for the influence they’ve had on hip-hop.

“I just want to make a public service announcement real quick,” he said during the stream, per HipHopDX. “These n****s been putting out tapes, and a lot of these n****s been doing their shit, but Griselda is still the standard. We inspire these n****s. We made these n****s believe they can build this shit. These n****s ain’t think they could do it.” He went on to suggest that there’s a clear influence Griselda has had on many rappers, but not one of them has thanked the Buffalo, New York label and collective.

“These n****s gave up. You telling them, ‘Nah, fight.’ Ain’t nothing wrong with inspiring n****s. I’m just saying y’all, back to Griselda being the standard,” said Benny, who is among the most notable rappers to grace Griselda alongside founder Westside Gunn and former signee Conway the Machine. “Griselda is the fucking standard. I don’t be hearing thank you from these n****s. These n****s be saying everything, but fucking thank you. I wanna start hearing thank you’s from these n****s man.”

Benny has always been vocal about how he believes Griselda don’t always get the respect they deserve. Last year, he took issue with journalist and podcaster Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller’s best rappers of 2022 list when none of Griselda was included. In a tweet shared in December, 2022, Benny responded to a fan who suggested that B. Dot left them off the list because of a line from Conway that mentioned him. He added that it might be that he had a “brush in with 2 of his rap friends,” and added, “Fuck smokin crack he gotta be eatin it.”