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McFarland announced “Fyre Fest 2.0” back in April, nearly a year after he was released from prison. In 2018, the disgraced tech entrepreneur/marketing consultant pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud in connection with the first Fyre Fest. The event was billed as a high-end music experience in the Bahamas, and secured promotions and investments from big-name celebrities, including Ja Rule, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid; however, the festival turned out to be a complete disaster and resulted in lawsuits from concert-goers, many of whom cited the lack of adequate food, water, and security.

McFarland admitted he had misled investors about the event’s financial status and used falsified documents to lock down funding. In addition to serving more than four years of a six-year prison sentence, McFarland was also ordered to shell out $26 million to investors, vendors, and the customers he defrauded.

Weeks after announcing the second Fyre Fest, McFarland laid out his plans for a Fyre Fest musical.

“Instead of like traditional Broadway actors, it’s going to be current music artists, combined with the Broadway format of the play — making fun of me, but also I think sharing some of the good sides as well,” he told NYC street journalist Adam Glyn of the production. “I have a killer partner who is doing all the logistics. I’m here to just fuck things up and make shit go viral.”