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Bow Wow is not here for the haters who try to discredit his rap legacy. The former child star took to Twitter to call out a ‘clown’ who has ‘always been jealous’ of him and his success.

Bow Wow Claps Back at 'Hater' Who Dissed His Rap Career

Bow Wow did not name the person he was referring to, but some fans speculated that it might be Soulja Boy, who has a long history of beef with Bow Wow. The two rappers have been going back and forth for over a decade, trading insults and diss tracks over various issues.

The latest drama between them started when Soulja Boy announced that he and Bow Wow would be facing off in a Verzuz battle this summer. Bow Wow confirmed the news but also threw some shade at Soulja Boy, saying that he had more hits than him and that he would ‘smoke’ him in the battle.

Soulja Boy did not take kindly to Bow Wow’s comments and responded by mocking his rap skills and his acting career. He also claimed that he had a bigger impact on hip-hop than Bow Wow and that he taught him how to make money online.

Bow Wow seemed to ignore Soulja Boy’s taunts for a while, but on Sunday, he finally snapped and fired back at his rival. He tweeted, “I don’t beef with clowns. I’m too busy getting money. This clown has been jealous of me since we were kids. He knows I’m better than him at everything. Rap, acting, life, etc.”

He added, “He can’t stand to see me shine. He’s always been a hater. He’s mad because I’m still relevant and he’s not. He’s mad because I have more fans than him. He’s mad because I have more respect than him. He’s just mad.”

Bow Wow also defended his rap career, saying that he has sold millions of records, won awards, and worked with legends like Snoop Dogg, Jermaine Dupri, and Timbaland. He said that he has nothing to prove to anyone and that he is proud of his accomplishments.

He concluded his rant by saying that he is ready for the Verzuz battle and that he will show Soulja Boy, who is the real king of rap. He said, “I can’t wait for Verzuz. I’m going to destroy this clown once and for all. He’s not on my level. He never was. He never will. I’m the GOAT. Period.”

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