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Britney Spears has made a shocking revelation in her upcoming memoir, The Woman in Me, which is set to be released on October 24.

The pop icon, 41, admits that she had an abortion when she was 17 years old, after getting pregnant with Justin Timberlake’s baby. She says that Timberlake, who was her boyfriend at the time, pressured her to terminate the pregnancy because he “didn’t want to be a father” .

The news was first reported by People Magazine, which obtained exclusive excerpts from the book . According to the magazine, Spears writes that the pregnancy “was a surprise, but for me, it wasn’t a tragedy. I loved Justin so much. I always expected us to have a family together one day. This would just be much earlier than I’d anticipated.” However, she says that Timberlake was “not happy” about the situation and convinced her to have an abortion.

Spears says that she still regrets the decision and that it was “one of the most agonizing things” she ever experienced in her life . She adds that she would not have done it if it was “left up to me alone”. She also reveals that Timberlake cheated on her with another woman shortly after the abortion, which led to their breakup in 2002.

The memoir is expected to shed light on Spears’ personal and professional struggles, including her 13-year conservatorship under her father James Spears, which was terminated in November 2021 after she gave a passionate testimony in court .

Spears says that the conservatorship “stripped me of my womanhood” and that she was treated like “a robot” by her handlers. She also shares some happier moments from her childhood and her career as one of the most successful pop stars in history.

Spears has not commented publicly on the abortion revelation yet, but she posted a photo of herself smiling on Instagram on Sunday, with the caption: “I’m feeling so blessed right now … thank you God for everything”.

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