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Being resilient in the face of adversity is the key to overcoming many obstacles in life. Hip-hop recording artist, Klassic, was dealt his fair share of hardship growing up yet refused to buckle under the immense pressure of losing his father at an early age. Raised in Hudson Valley, NY (Rockland County), Klassic watched his mother work multiple jobs to make ends meet for the family. Shortly after, he took to the streets for guidance while sharpening the block-work mentality you will later hear in his music.

Raised with a father who was a musician, Klassic was always fascinated with the art form. Watching his brother aspire to be an artist piqued his interest and eventually led him down the same path. With mentorship by Benny the Butcher and affiliation with BSF (Black Soprano Family), Klassic released his first EP on 3/11/23 titled “Down Bad.”

The 5-song EP feels like the beginning of something special. It embodies that gritty New York sound that’ll have you tuned in off-jump. The lead track, “Designer Belt,” does a great job of prepping listeners for the hard-hitting realism soon to follow. Producers Casey JonesDLP, and Sypooda deliver a fine-tuned frequency that’ll resonate on every street corner from coast to coast. Even the guest appearances by Sha-Hef, King Kong Bundy from BSF, and Marcus Charles feel hand-selected for the project.

Engineered at JWC Studios in NY and mixed and mastered by IMYoungWorld from the Black Soprano Family in Atlanta, “Down Bad” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. For more music-related news and to stay up-to-date with Klassic, click and follow the links below. Contact Ricky & Margaret Assad, management at Watch Me Move, LLC for all other business-related inquiries.




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