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The recent 10-year prison sentence for rapper Tory Lanez, who was found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in July 2020, has stirred various emotions and opinions. Among those commenting on the matter is Houston’s own Bun B.

“I think it’s a wake-up call for violence against women,” Bun B, the 50-year-old rapper and Trill Burgers owner, told TMZ on Thursday (Aug. 10). He quickly emphasized that this issue is bigger than the realm of hip hop. “If there were nobody in hip hop involved in this, this would still not be a good thing for us to see in this world right now.”

Bun’s stance on Lanez has seemingly softened since his vehement criticism in 2020. “Look, man, just keep your head up, you know?” he said, offering a seasoned perspective. “Obviously, Tory might not be the biggest fan of mine, but I don’t wish prison on anybody, and I hope he comes home safe.”

His tone was much more abrasive last year, right after the shooting incident. “I tried to be impartial and cool about this — man, f**k that! F**k Tory Lanez,” he had exclaimed in a video. “I’m from Houston, and if somebody would have done something to Meg in this city, we would have rode.”

His concern for Megan’s well-being was evident, especially given her losses, leaving her isolated in Los Angeles. The Houston native expressed responsibility for her, affirming: “So as the OG in Houston, I’m standing up. Tory Lanez did some h**-a** s**t, period.”

Lanez responded to Bun’s condemnation with a track on his September 2020 album, Daystar. The song’s lyrics seem to reflect his frustration and confusion, particularly regarding Bun’s criticism in the context of Black Lives Matter.

Bun’s recent, less harsh comments still carry the weight of a serious issue that reaches far beyond the music industry. His wake-up call to the world and his willingness to share his thoughts openly add to the ongoing dialogue surrounding violence against women.

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