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A rising star Cilo continues to create buzz around his latest album Los, by releasing the third single from the album, called “Don’t B Bitter/101.”

Julian Jen Garcia’s music video includes Kendrick Lamar’s guitarist Ging FKA Frank Dukes and featured act Nikki Pararuan with the ascending artist who blends soulful strings and the high-pitched 808s to create a memorable smash. The captivating production of “Don’t B Bitter” blends into “101” psychedelic guitar riffs and live drums flawlessly in the presence of Cilo sharing his emotional feelings through the song’s lyrics which allows the listeners to discover more about his character and what he has to offer.

“Working on this record I wanted to make a song that felt like an introduction to my world,” Cilo states in his press statement. “It was a time capsule for my life, which explains why it’s a two part song. The first half was the aggressive energy of my youth and my environment growing up, I’m in the West, ain’t no dreams. I know life ain’t what it seems. The second half was the energy of me now, after I’ve left the city, seen the world, and made it out of that environment. I have new struggles now, but also new victories. Like I say in that verse, ‘My life is different.'”

The tracks that accompany “Don’t B Bitter/101” are previously released tracks “Palm Trees” and “Shine” with Poet22 and Poet22, which will be included on the album’s 10-track tracklist. In Los, Cilo demonstrates his charisma and range of emotions by delivering moments of comedy and paranoia, as well as confidence as well as love, pride, and much more. Los is out now across all platforms on VENICE Music and Pastel Studios.

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See Cilo’s brand new video below.