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With his latest “True Love” remix, CJ Stain continues to display a talent that is unmatched in today’s R&B lineup.

Canadian native, CJ Stain is multi-talented in every sense of the word. Wedded to music, his talents are not only spotless on the mic, but also as a producer creating magic behind dope records. Since becoming a topic of discussion in 2013 for the next up in the industry, CJ Stain has kept up a standard of music that is incomparable to any other artist of the R&B genre. His catalog includes unique remixes of popular songs like Sage the Gemini’s “Good Thing” which continues to receive praises to date for his vocals and creative genius.

CJ Stain’s talent quickly became the focal point of fans worldwide, gaining him an online fanbase of 500,000 plus strong and rising. Not only does he have the vocals to become an icon, but he also uses his rise to fame to bring positive change, advocating as an LGBT activist to strip the taboo towards gender nonconforming identities.

Already having one of the biggest records featuring Nick Jonas, CJ Stain is elevating even higher with his most recent billboard chart entrance, “True Love” blasting on airwaves across the globe. CJ Stain has yet to hit his peak and already earned legendary accolades. His legacy will tell of an artist that stands among some of music’s greatest. Be sure to check out his latest release, “True Love.”

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