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Hailing from Atlanta, emerging new star Coupé has developed undeniable star power with an impressive catalog and notable collaborations. Eager to make 2023 his best year yet, he drops his best work yet in the latest album titled Comin Back. The latest effort is a tribute to his fanbase who has followed the upriser’s career since day one and patiently awaited the latest release.

“After a brief hiatus, this album was released solely for my fans who have been with me since day one,” says Coupé in the album’s official press release. “I haven’t really released any major projects lately, so this one was released to remind everyone that I’m Back.”

A follow-up to his 2022 album, To Be Continued, the new 13-song project includes standouts “Way Back,” “Think Quick,” and “Marvelous Flow (Really Ain’t Adamant).” And with the buzzworthy tracks, Coupé delivers a featureless must-hear performance filled with witty lyrics and a signature playboy flow over infectious production. The perfect origin point for any newfound fan eager to hop on the artist’s bandwagon as he jumps to mainstream recognition in 2023.

Comin Back is merely the beginning of Coupé’s takeover as he promises more new music with the release of a new track “In & Out Yo Love” released this month and preparing a new album set to release later this year. Both Comin Back and “In & Out Yo Love” are available now across all streaming platforms via $olid Ent. Music/W.O.W Music Ent. And if all that isn’t convincing, remember he comes from the same area that has given us the majority of today’s hip hop superstars — constantly.

You may check out the entire Comin Back album below, and afterward, feel free to follow Coupé on social media.