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D-Rell (Harlem, New York) is no stranger to the culture and has spent the last 14 years fine-tuning his craft. His love and appreciation for the vast possibilities of the art enabled the rapper to showcase his talent without limitations. With a vintage backpack style that’ll make the golden-era proud, he is looking forward to one day achieving mainstream success while exploring his full potential.

Nvy Jonez Lkr (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) has been laying the groundwork just as long as his counterpart, building a concrete reputation in the process. Introduced to the vocal booth by BeatKnocka Dollaz (Brownsville, Brooklyn), he later went on to perfect a unique sound of his own with the help of ES (Copenhagen) and Mike Ekim (Brooklyn). As a student of the game, he learned to incorporate all genres of music into his art, standing out with each performance.

6 Piece” is the newest installment to the ongoing Chicken Spot Series. The 18-minute EP utilizes every second while keeping listeners locked in from start to finish. Never feeling forced, the authentic aura surrounding the project is sure to leave a lasting impression. From raw emotion to storytelling, “6 Piece” is just enough to satisfy your appetite while leaving you hungry for more. With production and features by Accosta the ManNatural910HitmakerchinxRTP Boat, and Mugga Wall, check it out today on your favorite music streaming platform.

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