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“Long Story Short…” is the first E.P. project by artist KROOKLYN being released on January 29, 2022 by the independent music label No Days Off Entertainment. This three-track E.P. has been made with profound ingenuity wrapped in a variety and quality rapping that will impress your ears at the first time of play.

Debut EP

On the E.P., KROOKLYN comes across as a rapper who can adapt to any style of rap and beats that present her talent creatively as well as complement her style. With an inspiration that can be traced back to over fivers ago, the versatile female rap artist first stepped into the studio with only one track (S.I.Y.L.) which was the first song she ever recorded. This marked the beginning of her journey into music. While she found herself as a stickler for her music and craft, KROOKLYN constantly found herself taking a step back each time to perfect her art. During the course of five years, she studied the sounds of other renowned rappers in the game and harnessed her own sound. Today, if you listen to her upcoming debut, E.P., you will surely spot the difference between her diction from the rest of the rap artists in the game now. Her lyrics are well articulated and packaged so that they will affect you positively when you listen to the songs.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, home to some of the most respected rap legends of the 20th and 21st century, KROOKLYN comes off as a storyteller with an ability to hype a crowd and capture her listeners within a matter of seconds hence hooking them onto her reality in lyrics. With her debut, E.P., she opens a new chapter in her life where she embarks on a journey to challenge herself and become the best version of herself. She considers this project as a start to something special with a background that stems from her love for poetry and listening to classic rap hits made by some of the greatest from Brooklyn while sharing the company of her step-father.

Debut EP

Let’s first take a deep dive into the E.P. “Long Story Short…” with its refined production and lyrics that have been penned by the prodigy Kayla Johnson, aka KROOKLYN. The instrumentals and beats on all three tracks vary from an organic sound to the new wave of capturing beats, and the result is sonically pleasing. Tracks such as Mas Vida capture the artist’s versatility in style with a mellow sound that its listeners will appreciate. Additionally, using varied beats gives the utility of transporting the listeners to a completely different dimension, whether the track is dark or light with its explicit.

From the first track S.I.Y.L., we are introduced to KROOKLYN’s persona as an artist that has come for the top spot in this rap game. The track’s earth-shattering beats that feel like an intro to one of Eminem’s unreleased pieces support her authentic vocals and sketch out an atmosphere that suits her flow. With an inspiration to build herself back up after being told so many times that she wasn’t good enough, KROOKLYN took all of her haters back to school in her unapologetic lyrics. “Stay in your lane!” The Brooklyn diva had to remind herself that if you stay in your own lane and focus on the optimistic side of life, you will find the people that appreciate you for the natural person you are. This song was the first of her extensive discography to come that she wrote and recorded over five years ago. We can all agree that this will remain one of her best creations even after a decade of hard hits to come. The statement made by KROOKLYN on this track carries a deep realism that will always remind its listeners to stay in your lane because it is just fair to handle your business personally before you utter it to unappreciative people.

Mas Vida, the second part of the long story, plays off with a rich orchestra that incorporates a mellow sound and feels like an intro to a whole new dimension into KROOKLYN’s world. The track will quickly remind you why drill rap is one of the best Hip Hop styles. The prodigy’s song was written entirely and emphasizes her versatility in style with her completely mesmerizing agility. For the love of rap and Hip Hop, KROOKLYN wrote this track as a celebration of a whole year out of the hospital where she had been diagnosed with a mental breakdown. In her lyrics, she wanted to show that there is still space in her heart for the free-spirited soul that carries a mind for fun, desire to love, and turn up each time she hits the stage. We can consider Mas Vida as the first half of KROOKLYN’s short story filled with beats and styles that show her multi-dimensionality and flexibility as a female MC.

To conclude, her E.P. is the real mood popper, Beastmode. KROOKLYN wrote this song intending to inspire a grind in herself for the new year. The song is a self-reminder that she still and will always be an I.T. factor girl. Featuring a captivating title to the track itself, the production is another masterclass by producer Talyor J that turned it into a banger with a darker flow that aligns with the artist’s skill of rap and strong ability to turn the party around.

“Long Story Short…”, the E.P. is an introduction to various sounds and the creativity hidden in Brooklyn’s female sensation. This project is anticipated to drop this week (29th January 2022) and will be one piece you will enjoy listening to if you are a lover of Hip Hop and rap music. Follow KROOKLYN on all popular social media platforms to keep up with the latest about her story.

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