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It looks like there is a new rift has formed between DJ Drama and Meek Mill over Memorial Day weekend. On Monday (May 29), Meek took to Twitter to air out his former collaborator for “speaking down” on him during a recent sit-down with content creator Jay Hill. In the interview, Hill suggested that Meek is the JAY-Z of the current generation. Drama disagreed. “I think it’s Drake, 1,000 percent,” the Gangsta Grillz head honcho stated. “Drake came out in ’08. It’s 2023. He changed the sound of hip hop. He’s literally ran every summer.”

“I asked Drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words, too… [I] told him he’s a goofy,” Meek tweeted in response. “I also hit him when he tried to compare ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ to [Lil Uzi Vert’s ‘Just Wanna Rock‘] AND DOWNPLAY ME… DON’T LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU, THEY DON’T REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL.”

Meek continued by questioning Drama‘s contributions to their shared hometown. “I’m from Philly and we don’t wear [our] fitted hats like that, Drama SHOP AT MITCHELL AND NESS… That man never did real charity in Philly in his life… I just be saying bits parts online because it be too much to say. I be wanting it to be known when [I don’t] rock wit’ these goofies. And I stand on my tippy toes when I see them so it’s no confusion before we even interact! Drama queen over these females,” the MMG alum exclaimed.

Drama didn’t remain silent. In fact, he doubled down on his opinion from the aforementioned interview. “This really why he mad, the Generation Now founder said in an Instagram Story. “Watch for [yourselves], where’s the lie?!”

Check out the Jay Hill clip and Meek‘s scathing tweets below.

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