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Dj Flip has arrived at a level of stardom as an independent Dj and producer that surpasses even the fame and connections of major label backing.

Eddie Neam was born in Rockville, MD USA where he grew up under the influence of his father, who was a creative that taught him to become a jack of all trades in the music industry. This lesson instilled a passion in him for music and as early as high school he was passing out mixtapes building his career. This workflow from a young age led him to become one of the most prolific independent music moguls of the modern era. His stage name, Dj Flip is renowned throughout the world for creating independent record labels and breaking independent and major artists into the music industry.

With worldwide recognition, Dj Flip became the face of iHeart Radio in Ft. Myers, FL where he built connections in the industry and gave artists a platform to be discovered. His status grew to the point of being able to break records for superstar singles like Tyga’s “Taste” and Tory Lanez’ “Talk To Me” which received multi-platinum certifications. Accompanying those accolades are his mixshow edits with Def Jam Recordings for Kanye West and other major artist. Dj Flip’s success, however, wasn’t overnight and came at a heavy price, but one that paid off big time. With a dream to become the music sensation he is, he left the radio station, club residency, friends, and artists behind to step into the huge shoes he now fills. Currently, Dj Flip is about to unleash new material in the industry, but his projects and singles are kept tight-lipped until the right moment. That moment soon approaching, is after the Latin billboard awards next month that he is scheduled to attend.

Dj Flip

Dj Flip is a master of his craft. Whether collaborating with artists to create Afro type musical sensations, or working his magic with genres like Hip Hop, Latin and EDM, Dj Flip has no limitations to his artistry. As he continues to break records on some of the biggest radio stations in the country, be sure to follow his movement for the upcoming projects he has planned next.






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