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Despite her impressive track record of surmounting adversity throughout her career, Doja Cat is currently facing a backlash that threatens to erode her robust fan base. Following the announcement of her “The Scarlett Tour,” the rapper found herself in the eye of a storm fueled by her fans’ concerns over her new relationship.

Earlier this year, the “Attention” artist was spotted vacationing with J.Cyrus. As brought to light via social media on Friday (July 21), the comedian has a daunting shadow of allegations looming over him. Subsequently, several platforms were flooded with narratives of disconcerting experiences with Doja’s latest beau.

One aggrieved Twitter user voiced their despair by writing, “Sorry, Doja Cat, for informing [you] that [your] man has abused and taken advantage of numerous women.” They accompanied their statement with a screenshot of the pop star’s blocked profile, illustrating the lengths Doja is purportedly going to in an effort to maintain her tranquility.

The viral tweet ignited an uproar among Doja’s online community. Thousands echoed their discontentment, making the “Woman” rapper a trending topic on various platforms. One baffled observer posted, “Doja Cat blocking people asking her why she’s in a relationship with a predator is horrible, yet not surprising. She is the same woman who was actively making fun of Amber Heard on TikTok and Instagram.”

Others expressed their fatigue over the ceaseless controversies surrounding the artist. Another user wrote, “Doja Cat is crashing out over a man… A man who happens to be [a] sexual predator? Ladies… What y’all got going????”

So far, the singer has remained tight-lipped, choosing not to address the ongoing dispute over her rumored relationship or the resulting criticism. Despite the relentless backlash and calls for her to end things with J.Cyrus, Doja Cat has not yet publicly acknowledged the situation.

In related news, the musician sat down with V Magazine to discuss a profound shift in her creative direction. Doja told the publication that she would be shifting away from the pop sound that previously propelled her into mainstream success.

“These upcoming projects are going to be very different compared to everything I have done, and I am excited about that. I do not care if people are not,” she stated.

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