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Straight out of Daytona Beach, EdThatsMyCup is an up and coming artist with a thirst for making music. Earlier this year, Ed released his first single “Heavyweight” on multiple streaming platforms and watched his numbers increase quickly in a short amount of time. Looking to build off that momentum, he decided to flood the market with new visuals and released three music videos on Youtube in a few months.

His first video (Off the Drank) did very well and managed to accumulate over 6,000 plays upon release, making it the perfect introduction for viewers while showcasing his style and musical approach. Capitalizing of its success (Ice Cream Man) was released shortly after and is doing equally as well in a shorter timespan. The animated trippy visuals are sure to have you questioning what’s in your cup and demanding a refill.

His newest release (ATM), shot by @alexxfowlerr, takes
off where the other two left off spewing lyrics like, “You know the lingo
this sounds like my single. I call the shots little b*tch this ain’t
bingo”. If 2020 is anything like 2019, I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot
more of EdThatsMyCup soon enough.

Be sure to check him out on Spotify and Apple Music and tune into his channel (ED THATSMYCUP) on Youtube.

For more music-related news follow Ed on Instagram and Twitter at @edthatsmycup.

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