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Elpatron is the Moroccan rap influencer merging hip hop cultures from across the world as he continues to expand his reach and fanbase.

20-year-old Larbi Brarhi, is a born resident of the city Sidi Yahya al-Gharb, Morocco. At the young age of 11, he was deeply influenced by the melodies and sounds of music and made the decision to pursue a career as an artist. 2011 saw the beginning of his journey in the music world, penning and recording songs, which he shared to persons in his city. The feedback from his music was one of positive compliments, but even with his high praises his dream slowly came to a halt. Elpatron was unable to fully submerge himself in his path in the industry due to the lack of economic benefit. His fans would be saddened by the news as they watched their favorite artist switch into the field of e-commerce 2 years after he burst into the music scene.

Elpatron was doing well for himself on his new career path, but his love for music never disappeared. In 2018, he would find his way back to his passion with the added interest in the hip hop genre. But, the direction taken wasn’t the same as before. Elpatron would instead return to the industry as a rap themed content creator. He used his platform to bring rap news and stories to the public while also reviewing albums and songs of both American and Moroccan rap artists. This brought Elpatron new fame and popularity as there was a craving for a rap content creator in Morocco and the Arabic world.

His supporters grew in number, now exceeding 1.5 million subs across YouTube and Facebook with a viewership in the millions per month. Elpatron was on the rise, getting love regionally and internationally and his notoriety was made certain with the receipt of the award for the best music content creator for the year 2020 in a competition of Maroc Web Awards Saison 13 Music Category. Elpatron is still upping his game and bringing quality rap content to the world. Follow his accounts and show support for the Moroccan hip hop celebrity.


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