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ARN: Where are you from?
B Barber: Long Island, NY preferably referred to as “Strong Island”.

ARN: Who would you say inspired you the most, as an artist?
B Barber: I’ve had many inspirational moments of the last few decades but my first inspiration to want to pick up a mic and rock the beat was artists like The Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Kurtis Blow & then onto The Run DMC, Slick Rick Era eventually being re-inspired by artists like GangStarr, Fugees, Wutang, Black Moon, Redman & so many others that reinsured me Hip Hop would continue to evolve and is here to stay.

B Barber - Castle Money Beats

ARN: Talk me through your creative process.
B Barber: Some things vary depending on the project and who is slated to be involved but my standard that seems to always produce the best outcome is seeing it through to the end in my mind first before creating my next work. I start with acknowledging my energy level and state of mind to determine a tempo temperament, Then I consider instrumentation that may act as accent or color to things I may address, Find or create a beat that sparks the creative juices, sit with it on repeat for a while to identify the pockets for a flow, work the wordplay but stay cognizant of execution and then aim to track a beast!

ARN: Where and how do you work best?
B Barber: I work best in the comfort of my personal lab because i’m very meticulous about my music. Some songs may take time that would either cost a fortune in commercial studio expenses and or drive others crazy wanting to accept every version they hear and not be listening for the little things that make the big difference in the final product. Things like breath control, execution and emphasis, Tone, Attitude etc. are all things that are captured and amplified when brought to life in the recording.

ARN: What’s the best advice you ever received?
B Barber: To keep my thoughts, behavior, habits & values positive. Regardless of the situation positive vibes will always promote growth.

ARN: What tools do you find indispensable?
B Barber: My Choice Mics which happen to be classic Equitek E-300 & E350, My Macbook Pro, My MPC X and a few workstation plugins that help mold my sound.

ARN: What’s your latest release?
B Barber: My latest release is a collaboration between myself and a producer that goes by the name of Castle Money Beats entitled “U KNOW” (The Flow is Heat). The song incorporates all of the elements we’ve loved in the best hip hop records over the years like a Boom Bap beat, Chopped sample work, with dope lyrics and turntable cuts.

ARN: Who do people say you sound like?
B Barber: Because of the raspy bass tone of my voice may say I sound like Ja Rule or DMX until they listen in and depict the different tone, choice of words being used in the flow and the flow itself.

ARN: What’s your best advice for handling criticism?
B Barber: I would say, Always remember everyone has a right to their own opinion and keep in mind they’re entitled to it. Someone else’s thoughts shouldn’t hold weight on your drive & purpose.

ARN: What do you want your legacy to be?
B Barber: How do you want to be remembered? I want my legacy to include “Dope” audio experiences & inspiring thoughts & to be acknowledged by like minded and different individuals that I’ve come across in my journey. I would hope to be remembered as an intelligent straight shooter, No bullshit, Positive brother, Great Father to his children known for not being selfish and always willing to support those with positive values willing to apply practice for better.

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