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Today we had an exclusive chance to interview BMayzee:

ARN: How did you begin your transition from Motocross to music?
BMayzee: I started playing around with music when I was racing, then I broke my neck and back punctured my heart and lungs flat lined twice, so I lost all my contracts and told myself it’s time to put my pain into my music!

ARN: I see that it has been a couple of years since your last release before this EP coming out. What was the reason behind that?
BMayzee: I took a few years to myself to perfect my craft since I do all my own production etc so now it’s time to show the world. 

ARN: Can you take us through your creative process?
BMayzee: I smoke a joint, play with some sounds, my brain starts rolling eat a mushroom and the song just comes together. 

ARN: Your EP “Vaccine,” has a unique sound that finds you creating some great music. How did you go about your beat selection process for this project? Was there anything you took inspiration from?
BMayzee: I made 30 songs and picked my favorite 7 for this project and I couldn’t be more pumped how it turned out. 

ARN: Your lead single “Pot of Gold,” has been doing great on streaming platforms. You and Jellyroll seem to make a great combo. How was it working with him and how did you guys link up?
BMayzee: Yea song is killing it it’s over 300k in over a week, and alwyas been a fan of jelly so I hit him up and he said send it here with his email.. now we homies haha

ARN: Could you talk about any other big producers or features on your EP? 
BMayzee: I also got merkules on my album on the song called hard headed he’s a cool as mf.

ARN: Covid has shaken a lot of things up in the industry that has caused the artist to be more innovative when reaching fans. How have you been able to navigate this last year without being able to do shows or connect with fans? 
BMayzee: Covid is a hoax, try to make me think I’m wrong. But honestly jut been making music music music and dropping it like it’s hot so when I start shows it’s a whole new catalog. 

ARN: How do you currently feel about the state of Hip-hop in general?
BMayzee: I think the music is ruining kids, I try to write about real life shit and to put kids in the right direction… rapping about drugs is the corniest thing I’ve listened too… 

ARN: If you could work with someone right now, who would it be and why?
BMayzee: Lil Wayne.

ARN: What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
BMayzee: I want to be remembered as the artist that gave the proper music to influence kids to be great, to stay away from drugs and grind day in day out… and smoke weed if u need to take the edge off.. weed isn’t a drug it’s a cure!!!

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