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From her single “Buddhababy Ahh” to upcoming EP “Diary of an Untypical Bi*ch,” Caucasian Doll isn’t slowing up on her takeover of the industry.

Born in Carver Ranches, Florida, Ariana Carswell grew up in a broken home as a child having to deal with issues of a traumatic reality. At 7 years old, she lost her father to the Federal judicial system and with her mother always working, it led Carswell to adopt the name Caucasian Doll as her life turned to the streets and dancing. With her brother’s advice in her heart, she overcame the trials, tapping into her inner spirit to realize whom she was meant to be. Caucasian Doll started her career as an Esthetician, Home health aide, and Certified nurse assistant while continuing her education at Florida Atlantic University for hospitality.

In time, her passion for music found its way back into her life. Her childhood dream of being a singer since her days in the church choir may have been lost over the years, but it found new meaning in January 2023 when she officially launched her career. Influenced by artists like Cardi B, Caucasian Doll pens music that expresses her experiences and the life she overcame. She uses her growing popularity as a beacon to other women who are going through traumatic life challenges, inspiring them to conquer the darkness to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Many have begun looking to her not only as a mother, hustler, artist, and professional entrepreneur, but a source of inspiration reminding them the past doesn’t define them, but they choose their own fate and can achieve their dreams.

Now residing in Detroit Michigan, Caucasian Doll is applying pressure with her latest single, “Buddhababy Ahh” and is gearing up for the release of her upcoming EP “Diary of an Untypical Bi*ch,” on March 13th. Follow her online to stay up to date on all her projects.

Today we had an exclusive chance to interview the artist:

What is your legal name and age?
Ariana I’m 27 years old.

What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?
Caucasian Doll , I got my name from stripping my dance name was giving to me from another dancer so I took it and ran with it because that’s what everyone knew me by.

Where are you from?
Caver Ranches, FL.

Where are you now?
Detroit, Michigan.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?
Don’t respond , everybody gone have something to say nobody what you do good or bad they opinions don’t matter it don’t make you, you! You know you ! & what you eat don’t make them shit. Just keep going they’ll join the bandwagon one day.

What’s your latest release?
Buddhababy Ahh Out Now on all platforms.

What was the best advice you received?
The best advice I received was from my Brother he told me the spirit is way more powerful than the flesh. So when everything we consume in this world hits the flesh we’re distracted by it and you won’t realize it until when you tap into your inner spirit and you realize that that’s the person you’re truly meant to be thru all the trails and tribulations you have to realize your self before the things we are distracted by. It’s not really advice but it motivated me to find out who I’m really is and the person I’m becoming today like my gf tell me just keep going people don’t make me who I am it don’t matter what they see me as just be me.

Have you heard the theory that some musicians write their best music while they’re depressed or going through a bad time?
Yeaaa I believe in that shit, like it’s really true I’m truly myself when I’m going through it, I’ll make you feel what I’m going through you gone hear the real me coming from the heart, I’m myself ion gotta fake it and just talk about bullshit when I write I speak facts.

Who influenced you most through out your career?
Cardi B.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
Gorilla or Cardi B because they be turnt up & I know I can get the crowd rocking before the show even start but not only that I can relate to them.I’m a libra I go off energy I can feel energy and they energy is pure.

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