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Today we had an exclusive chance to interview JJ Young:

ARN: How would you describe the music that you typically create?
JJ Young: The music I create is dark, yet relatable. My 2 releases on Spotify/iTunes do not reflect that. But what I write 90% of the time is dark music. It’s the type of music that I am afraid to release for that reason.

ARN: Who do people say you sound like?
JJ Young: I’ve been told I remind people of NF and Logic.

ARN: What’s the best advice you ever received?
JJ Young: The best advice I’ve received is to not worry about what others think, because only you will answer to God on judgment day.

ARN: Have you heard the theory that some musicians write their best music while they’re depressed or going through a bad time?
JJ Young: Yes I 100% agree. This is where most of my music comes from. It is therapeutic for me.

ARN: Why did you first start making music?
JJ Young: I first started when I realized the stuff I was writing, had a potential to affect others.

ARN: Talk me through your creative process.
JJ Young: I like to be alone, in the dark with the beat rolling. That’s it, everything else comes to me.

ARN: Where and how do you work best?
JJ Young: By myself, with no distractions.

ARN: What is still your biggest challenge?
JJ Young: My biggest challenge is deciding how much of myself I want to share with the world. My music is the vulnerable side of me. It’s the side that every human has, we are just too afraid to share.

ARN: What are you focusing your time on now?
JJ Young: Currently working on my debut album. Finding a studio and trying to get them to understand your vision is extremely difficult. I’ve taken to just doing it all myself.

ARN: What will your next album sound like?
JJ Young: A horror movie.

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