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Originating from Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Johnny R Sanford III, aka JRS3′ the HOBBY ARTIST has successfully earned a name for him by putting impact on the audience through his emotional yet captivating music that listeners just love. He is an emerging artist who creates amazing stories with his exceptionally good Hip Hop and Rap music for his listeners. 

“It all started in High School for me when I was in the A’Capella choir, where I learned how to read and write music. Five years ago, I purchased a MacBook Pro and some necessary equipment and taught myself how to create music with it and the rest’s history. I also founded JRS3 MUSIC LLC to handle the marketing, advertising, copywriting, and all the business part of JRS3. As an independent artist, I do it all singers, songwriter, video producer, and all the creative elements”, says JRS3 about his musical journey so far.

JRS3 released his latest single “Planet Suicide” on May 17, 2020, which is a great amalgamation of various genres including EDM, Hip-Hop, and spoken word poetry, supported by eye-catching anime visuals. JRS3 has worked wonders with his lyrics that flow smoothly, along with the unmatched beats of the track.

JRS3 was motivated to write and produce this atypical piece because of the current situation of the world right now that he feels is about to come to an end, given all the factors contributing to it, he, therefore, has compared it with an apocalypse. This song is also about the people who are standing beside you, helping you, and looking out for you, through this challenging time.

The song is full of energy, powerful enough to make you stand up on your feet, and dance on the rocking beats until your legs give up. 

JRS3’s father Johnny R Sanford II is a respected preacher of the House of Saints Community Church in Palestine, Texas; also, he has an experience of over 24 years of law enforcement service. Both these factors are quite evident in the kind of music that he makes as these experiences have given him the ability to look at things in a different yet intriguing way.

Besides music, JRS3 loves to spend his time writing songs and poetry. He is truly a multifaceted artist with enchanting skills. He inspires his fans and listeners to always work hard and keep learning new things. Never stop looking for what you are good at and once you find it, excel at it. This is how life is supposed to be lived- with a motive to move forward.

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