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Boston, MA (July 18, 2023) – Fari X, the fierce and unapologetic hip-hop artist, has unleashed her latest single, “OMM (On My Mama)”, leaving listeners motivated with its message and trap beat. The track is a glimpse into Fari X’s upcoming album XISM.

Taking a brief break from sultry music, the 1117 Entertainment artist, Fari X has been moving bodies with her new sound. Breaking away from the cookie-cutter image often associated with female artists, Fari X sets her sights on becoming multi-dimensional as a female artist, welcoming a no-holds-barred style that ensures to captivate audiences and ignite controversy. “OMM” which was released on July 5th,  is a fiery anthem that aims at the societal norms surrounding women and money. Produced by LOSTNFOUND, and audio engineered by Alejandro “Toch” Fontanez allowed Fari X to deliver a bolder new side. 

With unapologetic lyrics and a pulsating beat, Fari X’s electrifying delivery exposes the raw power of women who write their own checks and exude an unbreakable sense of financial security. The track serves as a provocative reminder that women don’t need anyone to define their worth or control their financial destiny.

In an industry known for its objectification and exploitation of women, Fari X fearlessly rejects the status quo. Her brazen confidence and unfiltered storytelling serve as a wake-up call to listeners, challenging them to rethink their perception of women in hip-hop. With “OMM,” Fari X firmly plants herself as a fearless upcoming disruptor who refuses to be silenced or conform.

The artist’s unfiltered approach has gained her a loyal following which resonates with her unapologetic lyrics and bold attitude. Fari X doesn’t just make music; she sparks conversations, pushes boundaries, and demands attention.

Fans have already enjoyed the video premiere via YouTube, celebrating Fari X on the track. “OMM” is just a taste of what’s to come from Fari X’s highly anticipated album, XISM, rumored to drop towards the end of Fall 2023.  This album promises to be a gut-wrenching, in-your-face sound that solidifies what it means to be a female hip-hop artist in today’s world.

Experience the audacious sounds of Fari X by streaming her groundbreaking single, “OMM,” on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Pandora and YouTube. For an exclusive sneak peek into her forthcoming album, XISM, visit Fari X’s spotify.

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