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Vancouver, BC, June 4, 2021 — Raj Khella, the budding Vancouver-based artist, has been creating music for the past decade. However, recently he has rebranded to Fastmoney RK, releasing progressive new sounds under this alias. 

Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia, Raj Khellaalso known as RKis a first generation Canadian and has been on the grind to make a name for himself. Growing up in Surrey, BC, was a great place to be raised, but according to RK there is not much of a music scene to tap into. Nevertheless, he persevered in his quest and eventually made his way to Toronto, Ontario, to visit friends in the industry in 2019, where he then discovered a true music scene and real hip-hop culture for the first time.

Entranced by the fast moving way of life in Toronto, Fastmoney RK came to understand what living in abundance is all about. Surrounded by beautiful women, wealthy peers, bottomless bottles at the clubs, and wild afterparties in stunning penthouses, RK decided to get serious about his music and that is when Fastmoney RK came into fruition. 

Closely following the release of his first studio album Roses are Red, Hundreds are Blue, Fastmoney RK collaborated with Creative Director, Jarett Lopez to select “Throttle” as the standout single from the 10-track collection to be highlighted in an official music video. Heavily influenced by experiences from his time in Toronto, the videography in “Throttle” portrays the lifestyle of an individual who is not afraid to keep pushing when times get hard and really hit the “throttle,” so to speak. 

Fastmoney RK

To play on this theme, the imagery in “Throttle” includes clips of the luxurious lifestyle of a successful rapper, as well as a scene with a 2021 Ford Mustang. These modernized shots are contrasted by a rustic western scene—influenced by the popular 2012 American film Django Unchainedwhere Fastmoney RK is riding horseback in a field in Langley, BC. 

The inclusion of a horse scene also hints to Raj Khella’s ancestral roots, when the Sikh Gurus utilized horses as an essential part of their way of life. With proud parents from Punjab, India, Fastmoney RK wanted to pay homage to his roots. This visual element adds dimension to the underlying message of never giving up, as the saying goes, “You’ve got to get back on the saddle.” The overarching message from the song is to keep pursuing your goals and enjoy the journey. Whether that is from behind the wheel of a car, on a horse’s back, or in the studio. 

“Throttle” is one of ten hip-hop tracks from Fastmoney RK’s album Roses are Red, Hundreds are Blue. The influential tune can now be streamed and playlisted via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. Watch the music video for “Throttle”here.

Listen to Fastmoney RK’s Roses are Red, Hundreds are Blue Album now: LINK

Roses are Red, Hundreds are Blue Tracklist:

1. Cc Me (ft. Lil B)

2. Half of That

3. Body

4. Tony & Manolo

5. Battri

6. Throttle

7. Heck No

8. Dreamy

9. Nobody Knows

10. Tragic 

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