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FendiAlone continues to astound fans with each new release that reaches streaming services, constantly redefining his style and sound.

FendiAlone was born and reared in the Australian city, Sydney. In the industry, the future symbol of Serbian and Croatian heritage has earned a name for himself. He was just a 10-year-old when he discovered his musical potential, and he idolised one of music’s most prominent musicians, Justin Bieber. FendiAlone was encouraged to follow his aspirations of a career in music after watching him grow from a young star to a global sensation.

Those wishes came true, and the name FendiAlone grew from local notoriety to international acclaim. As his name suggests, he built his empire by himself one song at a time in elegance and distinction. FendiAlone quickly reached milestones and broke through hurdles.  Every time he enters the booth, his cadence, flow, and melodies find new ways to bring his thoughts and creativity to life. FendiAlone’s voice finds the appropriate cadence and tone to influence any listener, wherever, regardless of the track’s genre.

FendiAlone possesses all of the characteristics of a superstar, and he is on his way to achieving that status. His new single, “SADEH” is recounting this adaptability. Streaming figures on Spotify reached an astonishing 50k steams within a few days after its release. The melody has an Afrocentric touch to it, and FendiAlone’s vibey, feel-good rendition expresses the energy and emotions of two young lovers.

Stream his new hit “SADEH” featuring popular London native artist ‘Femi Jaye’







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