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Stay up to date on the hottest current events, new hip hop artists, and entertainment news with Shawn and Chris on The Podcases.

As the Originators of Opinionated Facts, Shawn and Chris give a refreshingly honest take on thought-provoking topics, ranging from sports, hip hop, entertainment, and their opinionated dating advice.

Get Hooked on The Podcases: The Perfect Weekly Podcast for the Opinionated

The Podcases approaches the discussion-based format of podcasts in a revolutionary way. How? This dynamic duo jumps into their conversations “no holds barred” to create the most organic authentic content.

Their thoughts, feelings, and opinionated facts come off rip, so you can experience the shock, humor, and zeal in real time with the hosts!

The Weekly Dish

Laugh, gasp, and smile along to their exciting, rich discussions on anything and everything. Shawn and Chris use The Podcases as a platform to go deep and keep it real with their off-topic approach.  

Their authenticity is easy to vibe with, and their personal history and friendship makes listening to The Podcases a nostalgic experience. It’s like kicking back with your closest friends!

Meet the Hosts

Shawn Carter and Christopher Young went from being college roommates to co-hosts. A serial entrepreneur and criminal lawyer respectively, this pair brings their drive and fire to every episode and represent the epitome of #BlackSuccess.

Through perseverance and sticking together through thick and thin, Shawn and Chris launched their dream. The Podcases was officially founded in 2021 and set out to be the ultimate no-topic, live weekly podcast. Now, they’ve captured the hearts of thousands with their unique and thrilling content.

Special Guests

The Podcases has proudly hosted and interviewed a number of well-knowns, including the president and creator of @sistas.with.jeeps, Tania Davis, extraordinary voice actress, Kesha Monk, actor and comedian, Talent Harris and legendry hip hop artist and entrepreneur, Dupre “Doitall” Kelly.

As they press on to a new season and continue to expand, Shawn and Chris look forward to hosting more high-profile guests and hip hop artists. By providing a no-topic platform, this pair creates a down to earth space for casual, authentic conversations rich with opinionated facts.

Connect with artists and celebrities beyond the spotlight as they kick back and keep it real too.

Chill, Authentic, Real

Get the tea as Shawn and Chris cover hip hop and entertainment news, give their takes on celebrity interviews, and discuss the latest in hip hop and R&B. The Podcases is the perfect live, weekly podcast for bold, opinionated listeners looking for entertainment that can match their energy and interests.

No fluff

No filter

No fakery

Just quality opinions, laughs, and real talk!

Coming to You

Three – going on four – seasons later, The Podcases is thriving, and Shawn and Chris are excited to bring their casual kicked back energy to the streets.

For the first time, this summer, the Podcases is hitting the road. They’ll record the show live from different cities and are introducing a new segment called “Ask the Cases.”

This is your chance to meet the hosts, ask questions, drop your music, and inspire the podcast with topics you want to talk about. Give and get fresh perspectives on current events, politics, sports, entertainment news, and everything!

Share your opinionated facts and get heard on the Podcases. 

Stay Linked, Stay Updated

You can catch up on all three seasons on the Podcases’ YouTube channel and Apple Podcasts. Head to the Podcases website for updates on season four and the tour!

Season four premiers on May 29th, 2022, and the first live, in-person show will take place on June 4th, 2022 in Norlina, North Carolina!

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