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What’s next for Gia? Right now, she’s channelling her efforts into expanding her music catalogue and releasing her debut EP. Complex AU sat down with Gia to chat how she found her love for music, creating her debut EP, and her latest collab with JD Sports and Champion.   

I’m curious to know how you went from Georgia to your stage name. What’s the story behind that? 

I was tossing up different names for a while, ‘Gia’ and ‘Vorne’ both being individual ideas. Someone had suggested Gia, given that it’s the end of my name, but I thought it was a bit boring by itself. My parents were convinced I was going to be a boy and loved the name Vorne. It was a shock to them when I came out! 

I kept asking friends what they thought about the names and a friend was actually the one who suggested I put the two together. Once I sat with it for a couple days, it truly felt like me and an extension of my personality, so I went with that!  

I heard you’ve been performing since you were eight-years-old. What made you want to get into music? 

I’ve always kind of sung. The first memories I have of performing are around six-years-old. At the time I used to sing at open karaoke nights, and I would bawl my eyes out because I was so nervous and scared, but I wanted to do it so badly. There was also that classic thing of singing at family parties—I would face the wall in the corner and not look at anyone. When I moved to Australia from England and got to high school, the school I went to had a great music program and was heavily invested in music, so I started doing singing at competitions at school. I even did X-Factor.