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If someone is going to pick a word that will describe Dwayne Kirkland as a person, it would be passionate. From the ground up, Dwayne’s way of life has always revolved around his passions. Inspired by his own father, a music enthusiast himself, he learned early that life doesn’t have to be miserable. Even though it is challenging at times, life can also be fun and full of opportunities. This is especially true for D Kirk KV.

A Passionate Musician

Dwayne Kirkland from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania started exploring music around 2014 – 2015. It started as a hobby and an outlet for his deep desire to be creative. When he found out that his music talent has become evident to people around him, he decided to step in faith and make it a professional career. He is 24 years old with a bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University acknowledging the importance of education in one’s life.

D Kirk KV

As D Kirk KV grew more and more as an artist, his audience also got bigger and wider. Starting with 2 songs that really hit off for him which are My Type and Understanding ft. Maylia, D Kirk KV saw the rise to his popularity and gave him opportunities to perform in countless stages, events, and musical shows. He attributes all of this to be passionate and dedicated to his musical craft and working on it every single day to be better. He has no plans of slowing down this year releasing another hit song that will surely give everyone a good time. The new song is called Tempted ft. xBValentine which has dancehall vibes to it. A perfect song to brighten up someone’s groove in this pandemic.

A Dedicated Entrepreneur

If you are creating songs full of style, you can also create a business that will give people some style. In the summer of June 2021, D Kirk KV together with his partner Latasha Melody launched apparel for everyone named D&J clothing. It seeks to provide people with stylish, trendy, and affordable urban fashion for men, women, and unisex. They have all kinds of apparel ranging from accessories, hats, leggings, pants, athletic and winter gear. They carefully planned that their clothing brand will be for all audiences and it’s going very well. Truly if you do something with passion and dedication, good things will happen.

Aside from being a musician and entrepreneur, D Kirk KV is also focusing on expanding his social media reach creating short skits on Instagram and Tiktok – a marketing strategy that everyone should explore in this modern times. When asked what his plans are for this year, he happily shared,

My future plans are definitely expanding music and clothing brands further dropping my second Album “Waves” Summer 2022 and eventually developing my own label more with other upcoming artists. Also expanding my clothing line worldwide. So a lot is on the horizon!!”

As a musician and entrepreneur, he works hard every day to inspire more and more people that the things you want to achieve will only happen if you are passionate about them. Be sure to check D Kirk KV’s music and clothing line through his Instagram and Facebook.

“Always continue to reach your goals no matter what obstacles come your way.”

D Kirk KV


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