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When you see a song titled “Lo Que Me Gusta”, you just know it’s going to be pretty steamy. And as always, Intelligent Diva does not disappoint. This wonderfully versatile artist first rose to fame with her hit single “Boyshorts” and doesn’t seem to have taken a break since. Instead, she’s constantly putting out excellent music that makes you want to move your body.

While her previous hits already achieved this dance-y feeling, “Lo Que Me Gusta” really manages to drive it home with its gorgeous, slow acoustic guitar chords. It’s a very Latino, warm-blooded song that puts you in mind of the sun shining hot on your skin, of dancing with flowers in your hair. Of love.

Aren’t all great songs about love in some way? And “Lo Que Me Gusta” is no different. Intelligent Diva starts off by singing the song’s title in English, suggesting from the get-go there is someone, a special person in her life, who knows what she likes.

It is this opening lyric that already sets us in a mood of great intimacy and closeness and perhaps makes us think of our own special someone who knows what we like.

What I like about this opening is that she starts off sounding incredibly edgy and aloof, like someone you can’t reach, though you’d like to. Intelligent Diva really has a a talent for creating that voice of the independent, strong woman whom you can’t help falling in love with. She did it in “Submit to You”, and now she does it again in “Lo Que Me Gusta”.

From the very first words, she makes you fall in love with her and want her, but just as you’re beginning to get accustomed to her inaccessible, alluring manner, she switches it up. Moving from English to Spanish like a pro, she sings with this loving, warm voice that only the beauty of the Spanish language can accomplish. Accompanied by the seductive, repeating rhythm of a soft Latin song, her lyrics make you fall in love with her even more, as she shows you both her independent, impossible to conquer side and her warm, devoted loving.

It’s obviously a great, compelling song, created by a great, compelling woman.

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