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Crafting songs for herself and artists in the industry, Jada Simone has built a reputation for being one of the best at making fans feel through music.

Jada Simone; The Artist, Vocalist, and Hitmaker All in One

Jada Cossey was born and raised in Savannah, GA. As she grew, she found an irresistible attraction to the talents and voices of R&B artists which displayed a level of sound that was both mesmerizing and relatable. The passion echoed from their music left an impact throughout her adolescence. In time, she would become who the industry knew as the R&B rising star, Jada Simone; a merging of her first name and her mother’s middle name. Her claim to fame came at the display of her smooth vocal renditions as she performed covers of songs online from her favorite R&B icons. It became evident the reach her videos were attaining because her fanbase was growing at a rate that set her apart from those lacking in originality and versatility.

Jada Simone; The Artist, Vocalist, and Hitmaker All in One

Jada Simone’s following exploded with viewership surpassing 200,000 after the release of every cover. Fans were enticed by a voice that seemed to reach within their very heart and souls. Jada Simone’s talent became unignorable to the industry. Soon, she was doing more than simply covers, but writing original music for herself and writing and co-producing music for many other artists in the game. This level of success was realized at just the age of 20 when her catalog of songs was in the hundreds, 300 plus to be exact. The creativity and musical range to replicate quality songs on such a large scale are astonishing, to say the least, but Jada Simone was only in the first quarter of her career. The industry was yet to see the multifaceted singer at the height of her game.

Jada Simone was unique in her craft because she was inspired not just by fame, or materialism, but by her mother and creating songs that told tales of love, heartbreak, and relationship experiences. Drawing from her own experiences as well as what women endure throughout life, Jada Simone’s music is therapy through speakers locally, regionally, and globally. Every song is specifically curated to tell a story, whether one of her own life or that of another’s, and she has mastered the art of making audiences feel as they follow the journey being painted with her angelic vocals.

Jada Simone’s talent speaks for itself, but her grind holds no less merit. Currently, she resides in Atlanta, GA, taking the next step upon making her presence known in the industry. She has gained the respect of Grammy-nominated engineers and artists, who are working on her debut EP with features from artists she grew up admiring and respecting. The project will follow up her latest single, “Lies Cry” featuring ATL Rap star, Shon Brown. Jada Simone went to a deep and vulnerable place in order to bring her latest musical offering to fans. Based on the heartbreak and emotions from a past relationship, Jada Simone relives every high and low before they crumbled to his infidelity and betrayal. Through the song, she bears the weight of her new reality, one where her rise to fame will be without the one with whom she made plans to see her dreams manifest together. With a track with such deep-seated feelings, the cover art had to match its energy, and it did just that. The picture features a close-up portrait shot of Jada Simone with knives incoming from every angle. It symbolizes the betrayal from a lover that stabbed her in the back and defiled her trust.

Making such a heartfelt song employed a team that understood Jada Simone’s vision and process of creating. Lead Photography Khyshotit, Makeup specialist ArtistrybySa, Wardrobe Stylist Jaycosssey, and featured artist Shon Brown complimented her in a seamless fashion. Jada Simone is a rare gem in the R&B genre, but the world will soon know her abilities extend into many talents. She has plans of showing her diverse range of skills when it comes to music by expanding into different genres. Jada Simone was featured as The Source Magazine’s 2022 R&B artist on the rise, and she is not only living up to the hype but exceeding expectations.

Follow the American legend in the making and check out her latest single, “Lies Cry.”


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