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Jess Hilarious wants her money, and she will put Master P on blast to get it.

Jess Hilarious has been a guest co-host of The Breakfast Club and revealed that Master P still owes her $15,000 for a skit in I Got The Hook Up 2.

“That man will talk a good game to you, like even with me, ‘I Got The Hook-Up,’ I’m still owed some bread for that, I’m not gonna lie to you,” Hilarious said. “I did two scenes. He thought you used one scene, you don’t gotta pay for both of them. No, I stayed there 13 hours to do two scenes.”


The conversation came up after Fat Trel answered a question on No Jumper about his interaction with Master P, which he revealed he was present to do a movie. Still, P ended up releasing singles with him, without proper paperwork.

Master P was on The GAUDS Show and stated he tore up contracts about people who don’t want to be with him, and there should be a limit on when you can talk about their interactions.

“Let me tell y’all—and I want all y’all to know this, this what my motto was: If you don’t wanna be with me, I don’t wanna be with you,” Master P said. “It’s almost like in a relationship. I ain’t trying to hold you back.”

Master P added, “It should be a law. After seven years, you shouldn’t be allowed to go on no podcast and talk about nobody. Think about it! It’s [a] statute of limitations. If you ain’t been around that person in over seven years, please, you don’t deserve to talk about ‘em.”