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For steel to reach its fullest potential, it must first endure the hottest flame. When a person faces multiple setbacks throughout their existence, they can either crumble under pressure or bounce back more resilient than ever.

Jonni Apollo is a Latin-American artist from Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. Just like many of us today, Jonni has had his fair share of obstacles throughout his lifetime that were difficult to overcome. Everything from drugs to depression stood in the way of his one true passion, making music.

After conquering his inner-demons, he figured it was time for a little rebranding and introduced Apollo to the world. With his newfound appreciation for Greek mythology, Jonni Apollo released “Chains From Apollo” and started a label under the same name (CFA Records).

Now more focused than ever, Jonni is gearing up for his next release set to drop in September 2020. “Chapter 2: Five Oracles” is a 5-song EP, engineered by himself, with instrumentals provided by Dead End Beats. If its anything like his earlier pieces of work, it is sure to have you hanging on to every word.

For more on Jonni Apollo, you can check out his music portfolio on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube. For business inquiries and to stay up to date with all music-related news, you can hit him up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @jonniapollo.

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