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With compliments streaming in for his EP “Blackhearts,” Justen Kilgore readies the release of the deluxe mixed and master extended version.

Born in the city of Houston, Texas, Justen Cade soaked up its hip hop culture until the age of 4 where he moved to the city of Los Angeles. Often vibing to musical influences like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye, 50 Cent and Future, he grew even more in love with the genre. Building upon his family legacy, he incorporated their name into his artist alias, Justen Kilgore.

Justen Kilgore’s style is a cross between hip-hop and trap, a merging of southern rap and the sound of the west coast. In an industry where many artists replicate the same sound, Justen Kilgore comes with something different, vibrant, and turnt. His catalog is filled with nothing but heat. Singles, mixtapes, EPs, music videos, features, Justen Kilgore is building his career non-stop, keeping fans satisfied with quality music.

The latest addition to his projects titled, “Blackhearts” came first quarter of 2022. The 5 track EP was inspired by valentines and Back History Month, curated to match a new vibe aside from Justen Kilgore’s signature energetic sound. Produced by XCraveLabz, “Blackhearts” sees Justen Kilgore switching up his flows and cadence to give a more R&B mixed tone to reflect its dedication to love and culture. If there was any question of Justen Kilgore’s versatility, this EP is a direct response, displaying his wide range of music as an artist. “Blackhearts” was exclusively released on Soundcloud unmixed and unmastered as a teaser for the upcoming Deluxe album with the addition of 10 new tracks alongside the mixed as mastered version of “Blackhearts.”

Justen Kilgore is on his grind and getting better and better with time. His EP “Blackhearts” is turning heads and the upcoming mix and mastered, and Deluxe version will only increase the solid ratings already given to the project.

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