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The “Hit You With The Blick” challenge is among the most popular viral trends around the world. The challenge’s creator, K.Comedy, takes the social challenge to the dance floor by releasing the new track “Hit You With The Blick” featuring Key Glock and Mak Sauce. Profiting from the huge success, K.Comedy makes his formal debut with smooth-talking raps over the upbeat dance track. Key Glock as well as Mak Sauce provide a star-studded appearance in a braggadocious, sassy words.

The guest stars on K.Comedy’s new show are an opportunity to fulfill the dreams of the rising star, as his track takes off at an unquestionable speed towards the highest. He explained:

“Coming from Mississippi, it was already a dream come true to have Hit You With The Blick go viral but now that this remix is coming with Key Glock and Mak Sauce it takes everything to a whole new level..”

For fans who are new to the scene, “HYWTB” is the perfect starting point to start following the journey of a new artist. After watching the video, you can continue in the pursuit of K.Comedy’s next step through his social channels. The latest single is just the first step for the south-based artist with the promise of new music in the near future. Everyone is getting ready for their debut album. “Hit You With The Blick” is available on all platforms through Run-It Up Records.

Key Glock appears on the single through PRE/EMPIRE. Mak Sauce is featured on the track thanks to Run-It-Up Records.

You are welcome to view the viral video of a trend that turned into music below.