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Sometimes, the only person that can pick you up, is you. Something up and coming artist K-DUB learned through experience.

Born and raised in Waynesville, North Carolina, 18-year-old Kevin Wenzel has his mind focused on making his dreams of becoming a mainstream hip hop artist a reality. To that end, he has adopted the moniker K-DUB, which was a nickname given to the NC spitter by his best friend’s dad. K-DUB embraced the name and vowed to accept nothing but wins in the music industry. Thus far, he’s been on a steady incline bringing his visions of the future to fruition.

Since realizing his passion and potential as a rapper, he has taken the time to practice and reflect on his craft. Hours of grinding has developed a sound that encompasses a wide range of styles. K-DUB uses this unique ability to create music that can be relatable to anyone, no matter ethnicity or lifestyle. With the release of projects that shows his versatility of switching up the vibe, he has garnered a following and industry connections that continues to grow daily. At times along his path, K-DUB encountered obstacles trying to halt his progress, but each time, he’s been his own support system when no one else believed he’d come out victorious. Even so, he’s overcome them all.

Recently he’s added another classic cut to his catalog with the song, “REDD.” The track is special and reflects K-DUB’s emotions and thoughts as his most authentic self. It came about like a moment waiting to happen. Originally, K-DUB was on his way to Charlotte for a video shoot for another track, but events led to things falling through. “REDD” was written while in a car to the shoot and has become one of his most cherished songs.

Everything seems to be falling in place for the versatile artist. Follow his career and stream his new release “REDD” and see why its release is deemed, special.

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