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It’s been a busy few years for Montreal producer Nicholas Craven.

The beatless wonder worked with Boldy James on full album Fair Exchange No Robbery and several tracks for renowned artists like Westside Gunn and the formidable Mach-Hommy.

On his most recent trip to Los Angeles, Nicholas Craven posted a brief recap on his Instagram with the first picture showing both Mach-Hommy and Jay-Z posing near him.

“I love Los Angeles,” he wrote in the picture’s caption.

Craven will soon release his collaborative Shadow Moses EP with fellow Montrealer Mike Shabb, due out on Apr. 14.

In a reply to the EP’s official announcement, Craven also confirmed that a collaboration between Tha God Fahim and Shabb would come out after Shadow Moses releases.

In Shabb’s repost of Craven’s picture with Hov, the Montreal rapper and producer anointed Craven as the “King of Montreal.”

Shabb and Craven’s latest single “Respectfully” dropped on Mar. 17.