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Kodak Black Targeted in Shooting Following Online Threats

Kodak Black, the enigmatic rapper hailing from Pompano Beach, Florida, unleashed his latest emotional opus, “When I Was Dead,” into the sonic realms on November 10, 2023. Following the footsteps of his May release, “Pistolz & Pearlz,” this 16-track venture offers an unfiltered glimpse into Kodak’s psyche, delving into past struggles, his current mindset, the streets that shaped him, and the tempest within his soul.

The album title, “When I Was Dead,” carries profound significance, rooted in Kodak’s harrowing encounter with mortality in 2020 when he faced an assailant’s bullets in Miami. After surviving the attack, a bullet-scarred leg became a poignant reminder of a fleeting moment that altered his worldview. Intent on creating music that resonates with those navigating tough times, Kodak opens his heart in a bid to inspire.

Known for his raw vulnerability, Kodak Black doesn’t shy away from laying bare his pain, disappointment, loneliness, and anger. Yet, in the same breath, he expresses gratitude, faith, love, and hope. The album becomes a canvas where he paints his emotions over a diverse palette of beats, spanning trap, drill, pop, and even embracing the soulful ballads of the ’80s.

Echoes From the Depths:

“Lemme See”

A minimalist gem where Kodak’s confident and witty bars unfold over a simple piano loop. The accompanying black-and-white video, directed by ILLIMITEWORLD, paints a vivid picture of Kodak strolling through his Pompano Beach neighborhood, engaging with fans and friends.

“Close To Me”

A poignant and emotional track where Kodak’s vocals soar over a guitar-driven beat. Here, he delves into his spiritual and emotional emptiness, expressing the challenge of feeling understood and his yearning for a genuine connection.

“Hard Life”

A nostalgic journey featuring Kodak rapping over a soulful sample, reminiscing about overcoming childhood obstacles He touches on the pain of betrayal by a friend and hints at falling out with 21 Savage, citing issues of loyalty and commercialization.

“Fuck You Too”

A bitter outpouring of anger over a hard-hitting beat, Kodak addresses an ex-girlfriend who allegedly cheated. He vehemently rejects her, emphasizing his resolve to move forward.

“When I Was Dead” stands as a testament to Kodak Black’s multifaceted artistry. Beyond the controversy, he proves to be a versatile and genuine artist, connecting with fans through his unguarded vulnerability. The album doesn’t rely on flashy features or gimmicks but rather on Kodak’s own authenticity, showcasing his resilience in the face of adversity.

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