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Endorsed by some of rap’s biggest names, KVMRON is the rising artist with the rap spotlight.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kamron Rivera came up listening to iconic musical talents like Prince, Kiss, and Tupac. That influence gave rise to his hip hop persona, KVMRON as he began creating music in his pastime on his way to manifesting longevity in the game. Overtime, his love for music intersected with his expertise in style and fashion to build a clientele among hip hop stars as a stylist.  

KVMRON became the guru of drip in LA and this title soon made him a prominent figure with his move to Miami, Florida. Impressed by his eye for designing the freshest kit for popular artists, they saw beyond his fashion sense and showed recognition for his gift as a rapper. Soon, KVMRON was in conversations in the most coveted circles, hailed as the next sound to run the music charts.

His music is fun, energetic, vibrant, able to get any environment in a frenzy of good vibes. Inspired by the beat and production of each track, KVMRON creates musical art that flexes his lifestyle along with any concept to record on anything from love songs to sad songs, to club bangers across any genre. To date, he has amassed over 1 million streams and with his latest single, “Inflation,” that milestone is sure to elevate into even greater success. The track is unapologetic in nature with KVMRON coming for the throne no matter who’s standing in the way. In essence, it’s his life’s anthem, talking his talk and walking his walk to claim his spot at the table of greatness.

KVMRON has accomplished something many only dream of. With talent, style, and an unmatched grind, his path to legendary status is only a matter of time. Catch the wave of one of hip hop’s rising MVP’s and run the numbers up on his latest single, “Inflation.”

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