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A video of Mike Anthony, the creative director for Goodson Gallery and Arts and Talent Agency, and numerology expert of the movie Zodiac Crush, has been making the rounds online. In the video, Mike is seen rapping to a beat, with the lyrics generated by an AI language model called GPT-3.

Mike Anthony’s Response on the video:

The video, which was shared on social media, has been gaining traction and catching the attention of many. When we reached out to Mike Anthony on instagram (@88dimension) and asked him about his thoughts on art and AI. Mike’s response was, “AI and art are going to expand the possibilities and capabilities of every artist. It’s like pairing your mind up with another and being able to produce 100X as much as before. The best artists will know how to use their minds to inspire the AI to make exactly what they imagine. It’s not a one-button job with AI; you get out of it what you put into it. This rap video I made using an AI is just a fun example of what I’m talking about.”

Mike Anthony’s interest in AI and art is not surprising given his background in the creative industry. As the creative director for Goodson Gallery and Arts and Talent Agency, he has worked with many artists and helped them showcase their talent to the world. With his experience in directing and numerology.

The future of AI and Art

The potential for AI in the music industry is vast and exciting. As more artists experiment with AI and explore its capabilities, we may see new forms of music and expression emerge. And who knows, maybe Mike Anthony’s AI-generated rap could be the start of a new trend in the music industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) is making an impact on the art world by generating images, music, and writing. While some experts worry about the potential impact of AI-generated art on human artists and the market, others believe that AI will enhance human creativity and offer new ways to experience and interact with art. The future of AI and art looks bright as technology continues to advance, with potential for new forms of art and innovative ways to appreciate it.

The key will be finding ways to integrate AI into the art world that benefit everyone involved.


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