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Fresh off the charts, Lil Baby has embarked on a new venture, expanding his empire into Atlanta’s culinary scene by launching his first eatery, The Seafood Menu Restaurant and Lounge. On Thursday (July 14), the popular “Close Friends” rapper unveiled his seafood oasis at a festive ribbon-cutting event attended by local luminaries and a coterie of close friends and family.

Social media buzzed with anticipation as Lil Baby took to Instagram, sharing glimpses of the grand opening. The rapper posted the official restaurant flyer, offering fans a sneak peek into his latest venture. Touted as a seafood haven, the new restaurant was realized with the support of Chris Dillion, the creative mind behind Atlanta’s successful The Boiler Seafood.

Eager food enthusiasts can expect a mélange of flavorsome dishes, as evidenced by the tantalizing array teased on the restaurant’s official Instagram account. Offerings range from succulent lamb chops and shrimp tempura to seafood boils and grilled salmon. A medley of side dishes and fried foods complete the menu. Signature flavors, including hot lemon pepper, sweet chili, and jerk, promise a delectable dining experience.

Ads seeking line cooks, servers, and cashiers littered Instagram’s feed, signaling the restaurant’s commitment to delivering a great experience and starting with an exciting staff.

The restaurant’s official website paints an even brighter picture, touting it as a game-changer set to disrupt the Atlanta dining scene with its affordable yet exquisite seafood offerings. The restaurant “aims to create a unique atmosphere with savory, delectable seafood dishes, while immersing themselves in an obvious [venture] that pays homage to the rich history of hip hop music in Atlanta and beyond,” the site reads.

Lil Baby’s entrepreneurial venture is a pivotal example of his deep ties to his hometown. As he scales new heights in the music industry, the rapper shows his dedication to innovatively giving back to his community. This move comes after his collaboration with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, Meek Mill and many other celebrities.

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