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Lil Wayne is not as rich as you may think.

According to the internet, the Young Money chief is worth between $150-170 million. The nine-figure number comes up when you Google his net worth, but don’t believe everything you read online.

According to Wayne, his net worth is not even close to that. During a recent interview, he kept it all the way real, revealing that the internet’s calculations of his fortune are inaccurate.

“So when you go check a motherfu**er’s net worth and that sh*t be saying some crazy numbers, I don’t have a cent close to that sh*t,” he admitted. “I don’t have that, but I guess they be meaning that’s what I’m worth.”

But Wayne says he uses it to his advantage in conversations with his agent. “I be always calling my agent like, I’m telling you bro, I’ma fire the sh*t out you ’cause I don’t need you,” he joked.

“It’s motivation, that’s all,” added Wayne, who even brings up the “zillion-dollar” figure in arguments with his girlfriend. “Have a bad conversation with your girl that end with, ‘You ain’t shit.’ Oh yeah, check my net worth.”

While he may not be as wealthy as Google claims he is, the Young Money Millionaire continues to make money. He is set to return to the road on his “Welcome to Tha Carter Tour,” starting April 4 in Minneapolis.

When it comes to the richest rappers, JAY-Z continues his reign. His net worth has reportedly increased to $2.5 billion after he sold a 50 percent stake in D’USSÉ to Bacardi.

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