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LJak leads the revolution to bring enlightenment to the world through his language and context that challenges the norm of society with his new single, “The Joker.”

The lyricist known internationally by the alias, LJak is a poet, philosopher, author, and musician using his depth of knowledge to disband societal false truths. In his pursuit to develop human and devotional character, he utilizes Bible philosophy to aid his cause. His new single, “The Joker” is a symbol for his movement that advocates for the change that needs to occur within this world.

Based on his favorite DC character, LJak penned the potent single to reflect the inconsistencies that continue to sink humanity deeper into immorality and chaos, hoping to save the world from itself. The track embodies the essence of The Joker, scarred by the darkness and unfair bias of the world, but uses his trauma to rebel against those in power forcing their rules upon those at the bottom. LJak channels his life through the vision of the character, creating a song that meshes both together to challenge the traditional religious, political, societal, educational and philosophy that has distorted the truth under manipulative misinformation.

In a sense, LJak is The Joker of this society, going against the theoretical framework of theologians to free the world from their institutionalized hypnotic hold. Even if some view his actions to be that of the villain, the purpose of his music is in truth that of a hero. The new single is the next step in educating listeners about institutional heroes like spider-man, Superman, and the Batman, along with their Greek, Roman, and Christian mythological counterparts. It takes guts and resolve to realize dreams as pure as LJak’s, but he has the passion and knowledge to make it happen.

Stream his new single, “The Joker” and join his movement to expose the truth.

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