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Lyrical Lemonade graced fans on Friday (June 23) with a new collaboration between the late Juice WRLD and Cordae. The single, “Doomsday,” intertwines the dynamic rap styles of both artists, with each verse serving as a poignant reminder of their command over language and rhythm.

“Doomsday” finds the duo reimagining a revered classic — Eminem’s “Role Model” — and animates it with an edgy, contemporary twist. Credit for the original production of the track goes to iconic duo Dr. Dre and Mel-Man, while the updated iteration features additional contributions from 808 Mafia member Max Lord.

Cordae sets the stage by delving into a recollection of his collaborator’s activities during the recording session. Directed by Cole Bennett, the visuals find Juice and the North Carolina lyricist navigating through an office building as their faces morph into one another in an eerie dance of identity.

“I’m the type to come in the game and just launch pain, with a bronze frame and a tattoo of my mom’s name. This industry has nothing to offer beyond fame. Time to take these n**gas to school, LeBron James,” Cordae raps. Juice follows behind him, spitting, “I found the reefer Cordae stashed in the back of the lab. So I’m in class, smokin’ gas, slappin’ the class preacher. Bring the house down on you h**s, Queen Latifah. I’m too fast, gettin’ this cash.”

Eminem’s influence resonates throughout the track, not only in the beat but also in the form of a deep fake cameo. His infamous Slim Shady persona recites the original intro to “Role Model,” adding a nostalgic touch. Em previously worked with Cordae on the latter’s 2020 single “Parables (Remix)” as well as “Killer (Remix)” alongside Jack Harlow.

The release of “Doomsday” marks a significant milestone for Lyrical Lemonade, as it represents their debut single, hinting at an upcoming full-length album slated for later this year. In tribute to Juice, the “RNP” artist shared a brief yet heartfelt sentiment: “Long Live Juice WRLD.”

Viewers are treated to behind-the-scenes footage as the final frames of the music video roll. Juice’s inventive mind shines through as he shares his idea for a satirical XXL freestyle video. A glimpse of a creative process filled with humor, gore, and undeniable talent, much like the legacy of Juice WRLD himself.

Check out Cole Bennett’s latest directorial output via Lyrical Lemonade and Def Jam below!

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